Revolutionary Jamaica via Age of Revolutions

By Gordon Barnes In the preface to C.L.R. James’s magnum opus and classic text on slave rebellion, The Black Jacobins, James forcefully points out that Saint-Domingue experienced the “the only successful” slave revolt in history.[1] For James, this achievement rests on a dramatic transformation, alteration, or re-articulation of economic and political ideology, specifically in regards […] via Revolutionary Jamaica: Interpreting the Politics of the Baptist War … Continue reading Revolutionary Jamaica via Age of Revolutions

“Hidden Figures,” Hidden Capital

I recently viewed Hidden Figures starring Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae, and Octavia Spencer, a beautiful film that explores the contributions of African American women who worked in NASA’s space program. Before IBM’s were implemented, black women such as Katherine G. Johnson were computers who calculated launch and landing distances – by hand. But let me let that sink in … black women.were.computers. As a … Continue reading “Hidden Figures,” Hidden Capital


This blog will be dedicated to thoughts, insights, speculations, and perhaps rants of an emerging scholar in the fields of African Diaspora Studies and Sociology – me. I’ll often re-blog from others to keep myself and whatever audience is out there aware of new developments in the world, academia, and my life. Continue reading Intro

Mobilizing Ideas

Starting in January 2017, I will be a contributor to the Mobilizing Ideas Daily Disruption blog, hosted by Notre Dame’s Center for the Study of Social Movements. In addition to discussing current events, my own research, and recent scholarship in the field, I’ll also bring in musings about African Diaspora social movements that span time and geography.  Topics I’ll likely touch on include repression, culture … Continue reading Mobilizing Ideas